A Palauan graduate of St. Dominic College of Asia in the Philippines received special recognition for her research on diabetes treatment.

Ms. Morisang Shoulyn Teriong received the award for Best Thesis in Medical Technology, which was written on the study of Neurophil-Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin (NGAL) as a potential biomarker for Type-1 diabetes.

Ms. Teriong graduated alongside another Palauan, Mr. Colby Mellil from Ngiwal State, who also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

Ms. Teriong’s thesis examined ways in which NGAL, a protein which is normally used as an indicator for kidney injury, might be used to indicate diabetes, a disorder which has historically been found in high concentrations among Palauan and other Pacific islander communities.

The 14th Commencement for St. Dominic College of Asia in Manila was held virtually on Sunday, October 18.

Both Palauan graduates have expressed interest in returning to Palau to help support the island’s medical system. Ms. Teriong, who is currently staying in the Palau House in Manila waiting for an available flight back to Palau, has said that she wants to serve the people of her home-island, where health-care is generally limited.

Ms. Rowena Brel, Ms. Teriong’s mother, says that she hopes her daughter’s example inspires other young Palauans to seek higher education.

“We’re hoping that these two graduates help to inspire more Palauans like them to strive to make a difference, in the medical field and elsewhere,” she said. 

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