Based upon a successful postcards exchange activities last semester, Palau High School Mandarin students in Palau and SungKung Girls High School students in Taiwan have joined this “Palau-Taiwan Online Learning Project” on April 9th and April 30th by zoom.
Students, not only were they able to practice foreign languages, Mandarin and English, but also shared many pictures about their favorite local foods, attractions, and traditional cultures in Palau and Taiwan. They also talked about what do they like and how is their high school life. Furthermore, PHS students taught Taiwan students few steps of traditional dances. We can see Taiwan students learning it on the other side of the world. Through video camera, it brings Taiwan-Palau students much closer through perspectives from the same age group, and students learned more from each other.
Overall, this online learning program continues to help motivate students and broaden their horizon; it also has a positive impact on students’ learning. We are very grateful for the cooperation and support of PHS Principal Smyth Rdang, PHS Mandarin Teacher Tung-hsueh, Chen, SKGHS iEARN teacher Nela and also the continued supports from Taiwan Embassy and Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM).

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