Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture (FestPac) is now set for 2024 in Hawaii and Palau delegation as part of the Council of Pacific Arts and Culture (CPAC) meet in Hawaii from March 14- 17 to finalize preparations for the 13th FestPac to be held in Hawaii in 2024.

Kiblas Soaladaob, Director of Bureau of Arts and Culture under the Ministry of Human Resource, Culture and Tourism along with Museum Director and PVA representative attended the  meeting. 

Each country delegation is set at 100 persons and they will be housed at UOG dormitories.  Like other FestPacs, there will be full range of traditional and culture performances and displays.

FestPac which is held every four years, was scheduled to take place in Hawaii in 2020 but due to COVID pandemic, it was rescheduled to 2024.

“In the spirit of collaboration, Hawaii as the host, agrees to work together with SPC (the Pacific Community) to ensure the 13th FestPac is organizaed in the best possible manner and takes place under the best possible conditions for the benefit of the Pacific people, in order to leave a sustainable legacy and to contribute to the sustainability and continuity of indigenous Pacific cultures, taking into consideration cultural, economic, social, and geographic diversity across SPC’s 27 member countries and territories,” signed Governor Josh Green of Hawaii demonstrating Hawaii’s commitment.

Ms. Kiblas said that Palau can now start to plan for the 2024 FestPac.

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