Mindzenty High School has raised over $70,000 from its fundraising effort since March 19, 2023.

“We are extremely thankful to all parents, students, alumni, friends and supporters of Mindzenty High School for coming together to help our school,” said Mindzenty Principal Alan Marbou of the huge turnout.  He especially recognized the students’ efforts in putting the fundraiser activity together. 

“We are still receiving donations even after the Sunday fundraiser,” added Marbou.

The fundraising was held to help Mindzenty improve the classroom environment for the students, explained Principal Marbou.

“We need to improve classrooms to meet the student’s needs today.  There’s always a shortage of school books every year.  We must also equip the teachers with proper aids to teach the students effectively.  For example, MOE helped provide the internet lines but we need to add more bandwidth to meet the current needs. These are just a few of the priority needs of the schools, but there’s more.”

According to the school principal, they will be creating a Committee consisting of parents, the school management, and the Student Body Association to identify priorities and oversee that the funds are expended on the priorities.

The school needs still exceed the amount collected, but Principal Marbou believes that the Committee will prioritize the needs.  

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