On March 25, 2023, Adelina Sizuko Salii performed the ancient Palauan tradition of “Belngur” which is the feast of ordaining her to assume the title Ruchetkiud of Tmiu Clan of Angaur. Ruchetkiud is the counter part of the male chief of Tmiu Clan, namely Chief Dib Angel Salii, and the highest female title of Tmiu Clan of Ngermeasech village of Angaur. There are six clans comprising the members of Ngermasech village.

Sizuko is the sister of former President Lazarus Salii and former House of Delegates Speaker Carlos Hiroshi Salii. She was a long time elementary classroom teacher before retiring.

Five matriarchs of Ngermasech village of Angaur, based on Palauan culture, came to the feast and witnessed the occasion of Sizuko Salii assume the female title of her clan. So matriarchs and representatives of the other five clans of Ngermasech included Kedidai, Ngeuch, Ngurchulbeluu, Kadam and Ngerchelbuuch were present during the feast.  Tmiu clan chiefs Angel Salii and Adelbai Jackson Henry came also to witness the occasion but, sat outside the gathering of the clan matriarchs at Penthouse Conference room during the feast.

Sizuko Salii is the direct descendant of a lady named Ikelau, who was the original female matriarch of Tmiu Clan.

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