The Palau Track & Field will get a completely new track, renovated stadium, a new roof over the stands, re-sod with new grass, and a VVIP stand, overall costing over 1.1 million dollars.  The funding to improve the track & field comes from the Republic of China – Taiwan’s economic stimulus grants supporting Palau’s development programs.

The project broke ground on Thursday at the track and field, witnessed by President Surangel Whipps Jr., representatives of Palau leadership, representatives of the Republic of China-Taiwan, and Palau National Olympic Committee officers.

Deputy Minister Chung-Kwan Tien of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ROC), who brought a huge delegation of athletes and people from Taiwan to attend the Palau Omal Marathon, spoke on behalf of the Republic of China-Taiwan, relaying his well-wishes to the people of Palau, saying the project represented the strong partnership between Palau and the Republic of China-Taiwan.

The Palau National Track & Field improvement will prepare Palau to host the Pacific Mini Games 2025.  Palau National Olympic Committee President Frank Kyota expressed gratitude to the Republic of China-Taiwan, saying that Palau athletes will use the improved facility to prepare for the Pacific Mini Games and that the people of Palau will utilize it for their health and well-being.

The facility will be used to host major events such as the 2025 Pacific Mini Games, which expects over 2,000 participants, and various smaller community events, added Mr. Kyota.

Capital Improvement Project Director Brian Melairei revealed the project is still going through a bidding selection process, and a winner is expected to be announced within the next couple of weeks.  The project, once contracted, is expected to be completed within 180 calendar days.

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