With the declaration of vacancy in the Senate due to the untimely passing of late Senator Jonathan Isechal, four have expressed interest in running for the seat in an upcoming special election on July 11.

So far, based on public advertisements, the contenders are attorney Salvador Remoket, former Melekeok delegate Lencter Basilius, former Angaur governor Kennosuke Suzuky and former Peleliu governor Jackson Ngiraingas.

Attorney Salvador Remoket has never been elected to office and served in private practice for over two decades.  He had served on various public and private boards.  He is currently on the Board of the Palau Public Utilities Corporation.  Lentcer Basilius is a former Delegate of Melekeok State, serving three consecutive terms until the last 2020 election.  Kennosuke Suzuky served two terms as governor of Angaur State.  Lastly, Jackson Ngiraingas has the most experience in public service as a former governor and former speaker of Peleliu State, and also a former Minister of MPIIC.

The contenders are seeking to fulfill the remaining term of the late Senator Isechal of one year and five months.

This would be the second time during this 11th OEK that the Senate has had to declare a vacancy due to the untimely passing of two of its members.

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