6 months have passed and the new CAT Team, Civic Action Team 133-29 has officially taken on the responsibility left by Civic Action Team 36-04 at the Change of Charge Ceremony that took place in Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on Thursday July 30th.

The 2-hour ceremony was attended by some distinguished guests such as High Chief Reklai, Vice President and Minister of Justice Arnold Oilouch, Ambassador John Hennessey-Niland, as well people in the community that want to welcome Civic Action Team 133-29 as well as to say thank you and farewell to Civic Action Team 36-04.

Despite challenges with COVID-19, Civic Action Team 36-04 were able to carry out various services to the community during their 6 month stay in Palau. Some of the services include construction projects, medical outreach, reading to children, house of pain exercises, maintenance of the war sites at Peleliu as well as Anguar, and training programs for locals in various fields.

The 15- members of the new Civic Action Team  were also cleared of coronavirus. The  U.S. Navy personnel  tested negative for COVID-19 on the 21st day (July 30) of their quarantine and self-monitoring period, according to the National Emergency Committee (NEC) last week.

“The NEC would like to thank the public for its support as we welcome the new Civic Action Team members, who have now commenced their mission in the community,” the NEC said in a statement.

Second Lieutenant of the U.S. Air Force and Officer In Charge of Civic Action Team 36-04 Afari Patterson expressed that it was an honor to serve alongside his team and that it was nice getting to know them and coming to Palau.

Various gifts from the community were given to Civic Action Team 36-04 such as certificates of appreciation, storyboards, and flags of Palau as a sign of appreciation and to take with them as souvenirs as they leave to the United States.

Finally, Tyler Noble Lieutenant Junior Grade of the U.S. Navy and Officer in Charge of Civic Action Team 133-29 mentioned that they are ready to be given the baton by Civic Action Team 36-04 and to carry on the duties of the Civic Action Team.

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