Outgoing President Tommy Remengesau Jr. has yet to send congratulatory message to United States President-elect Joe Biden but stressed that America is Palau’s closest friend and ally under any administration.
He said Palau supports the outgoing and incoming administration of the United States.
Unlike other Pacific Island nations which have congratulated Biden for winning the US election, Remengesau has not offered his congratulatory message just yet.
“We are drafting our message. It’s going to express what is truly in our hearts and we are not just jumping on the bandwagon. The US is our closest ally and friend, and we are going to support the US in many other things,” Remengesau said when asked if he has congratulated President-elect Joe Biden.
Palau maintains good relations with the US especially during the Trump administration which the nation herald for the ratification of the Compact funding.
Remengesau also credited the Trump administration for vowing to conclude the upcoming negotiation of the Palau’s financial package, which is set to expire in 2024, this year.
President Trump was also the first US president who met President Remengesau and the other leaders of the Freely Associated States of FSM and RM in Washington.
The outgoing president of Palau however shares the sentiment of the other Pacific leaders that the US should go back to the Paris Agreement and lead action in addressing the climate crisis.
At the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in December, 195 nations agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to limit the rise in the global average temperature to below 2 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels.
The Pacific was instrumental in securing strong outcomes in the Paris agreement. The US, under the Trump administration, officially withdrew this month from the Paris Agreement.
“From Day 1 we are signatory to the Paris agreement on climate change, and this is a passionate and real issue for all pacific islanders. It’s not a secret that climate change will affect how we survive as a [people, as island nations. Palau is always mentioned on record that when it comes to the issue of climate change , this is a great opportunity for the leadership of the United States,” Remengesau said.
Biden has committed re-joining the Paris Climate Accord on the first day of his presidency.
Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainamarama was the first Pacific Leader to congratulate Biden.
Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, James Marape also congratulated Biden -Harris administration while New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, said her country would work alongside the US.
FSM President David Panuelo in a statement on Wednesday, congratulated Biden and Kamala Harris and said his government “recognizes President-Elect Biden as the winner of the recent United States Presidential election.”
President Panuelo said the FSM is hopeful for the US to return to championing the global effort in “tackling the existential threat of climate change.”

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