A 31-year-old Palauan male was found around 10:30 pm Tuesday night deceased, confirmed BPS Director Ishmael Aquon.

The victim, identified as Gino Oikang, a tour boat operator, was found by a relative behind his house in Ngermesekiu, Ngerbeched, Koror, suspected to have died as a result of self-harm, by hanging.

It is not yet known what caused the victim to commit self-harm but the case will be the first to be investigated as mandated under RPPL 11-17, a law passed this January 2022 mandating the Division of Behavioral Health of the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS) to conduct psychosocial autopsies on all suspected suicide deaths.

The law states, “For all suspected suicides, the autopsy performed shall include a psychosocial autopsy that ascertains the circumstances of the death, including suicidal intent, and explores in-depth other significant risk factors for suicide exhibited by the deceased individual and any emotional, social, economic or cultural issues that contributed to the suicide.”

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