A 59-year-old Palauan male, identified as Jacob Ngirangeang, has been charged on multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct against a minor; the victim is an 11-year old girl known to him.

The court documents state that when the witness walked into the room where Ngirangeang was, the witness found the young girl in tears and Mr. Ngirangeang sexually abusing her.

According to a charging document filed with Guam Superior Court, Mr. Ngirangeang had threatened to hurt the grandmother of the minor if she did not comply with his demands.

The report said that Mr. Ngirangeang admitted to the officers that he sexually molested the girl but denied trying to rape her.

Mr. Ngirangeang was also found with substance tested to be positive for methamphetamine.

He is charged on one count of First Degree Criminal Sexual Assault, Attempted First Degree Sexual Assault, three counts of Second Degree Criminal Sexual Assault, Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance, and Destruction of Evidence.

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