By: L.N. Reklai

November 8, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Ten Palauan students studying medicine in Cuba, will be receiving $5,000 each to help with their living expenses while studying in Cuba.

Based on report from one of the students who recently visited home, the plight of Palauan students in Cuba was brought to the attention of the Minister of Health Dr. Emais Roberts. [restrict]

The students are in school on Cuban government scholarship which barely cover all expenses and the students and their parents struggle to get them through the 7 year schooling program.

“We need to support and build connection with these students.  We want them to come back and help us, help Palau,” stated Minister Dr. Emais Roberts.  “We want to improve medical care given at community level and we want to utilize these students when they return in those medical facilities in the communities,” he added.

Through the Indian Family Development Grant Program, Ministry of Health was able to apply for $55,000 to help the students .

Due to the current embargo against Cuba, getting the funds to the students is very challenging and the Ministry of Health is working to find best means to get the funds to them.

A visit to Cuba to see the schools and environment that the students are studying under and look for ways to have them come home for internships is being planned for early next year. [restrict]