By: L.N. Reklai
November 10, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Unofficial results of Ngaraard State General Election yesterday put Ben Iskawa ahead in the race for the Governor’s seat with 220 votes. Incumbent Governor Isaac Bai follows with 170 votes. Isaac Soaladaob got 109 followed by John Mengidab with 63.

For the four At-Large Legislature seats, out of the 10 candidates, Victoria Maui leads with 426 followed by Dwight Alexander with 258. Third highest unofficial vote getter is Keizy Shiro with 252 followed by Wilbert Ngirakamerang with 228. Close fourth is Lydia Ngirablosech with 220 and George Matsuda with 205. Frank Malsol Jr. received 197, Jefferson Matul got 175 and Duane Tochi received 171. Joseph Ngcheed received 97 votes.
For the five counties, Choll had two candidates and Saburo Remoket led with 70 to Cleophas Robert’s 35. Others were unopposed, Johnson Saikemal for Elab county, Sharp Sakuma for Ngebuked, John Temengil for Ulimang and Lucia Umerang Franz for Ngkeklau.
Ngaraard has a total of 1,264 registered voters and 566 casted their votes yesterday. Election Commission sent out 109 absentee ballots and as of November 14th, it has received 17 absentee ballots. Election Commission will continue to receive absentee ballots until November 16. [/restrict]