Picture is from Office of the President social media page

By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang

Tomorrow August 30, palauan students will be traveling to taiwan for universities having been awarded scholarships from Taiwan. A total of 11 students were awarded the scholarship 3 of them will be pursuing their master degree while 8 of them will be pursuing their bachelor degree.

The students who will be pursuing their master’s degree are Jodi Dirraklang Jones, Kayoko Ngermoket Ellis, and Kmederang Cameron Sengebau. Those who will be pursuing bachelor degrees are: Zachariah T. Charles,Hisely Olkeriil Edeluchel, Adam Oilouch, Irenee Dilmalt Rdang, Stephanie Rdechor, Iwesei Dakota Rechelulk, and Destiny Parrado Sissior. There are two types of scholarships awarded to Palauan’s students from Taiwan namely ICDF scholarship and MOFA scholarship.

Those who are pursuing bachelor degree under ICDF scholarship will go straight into universities however those who are MOFA scholarship awardees will be spending one year in language schools where they will be learning mandarin for a year before moving on to universities to pursue whatever major they may decide.

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