For a country with less than 20,000 people, loss of lives deeply impacts people, and more so when the loss was tragic.

Three men died over the weekend, two from self-inflicted harm and one from a fishing incident.

On Friday evening, August 25th, at around 6pm, police received a call from Airai reporting that a 58-year-old man, was found by a family member having committed a self-inflicted harm by hanging on a mango tree in front of their house. The victim was identified as 58 years-old male, Collins Mimong.

On the same evening, the police also received a call at around 8:39pm reporting a possible drowning.  A 49-year-old male, Clinton Elbelau was reported to have gone spearfishing with other people but failed to return after a search for him commenced, he was found lifeless.  Police cannot confirm the cause of death as drowning pending a medical report.

On Sunday, August 27, another tragedy was reported of another man found deceased after self-inflicted harm of hanging.   According to the police report, a 29-year-old male, identified as Omar Rico Remeliik was found by his family in his room at Ngerchol, Peleliu, having committed a self-inflicted harm.  He was pronounced dead by the doctor in Peleliu before he was transported to Belau National Hospital.

All three cases are still undergoing investigation, and awaiting medical reports on the three tragic incidents.

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