Permanent Representative of Palau to the United Nations Ngedikes Olai Uludong and the Permanent Representative of Tajikistan to the United Nations Mahmadaminov Mahmadamin Bozichaevich had signed the Joint Communique on the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Republic of Palau and the Republic of Tajikistan at the Permanent Mission of Tajikistan to the United Nations in New York last January 30. [restrict

After the signing ceremony, at a brief bilateral meeting, both representatives expressed their mutual intentions in developing relations of friendship and cooperation between their respective countries in the framework of the United Nations and on common interests.

Palau’s UN Mission, on the same note, with Ambassador Yashar Teymur oglu Aliyev, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations met in New York to initiate the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

During the meeting held at the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan, the two Ambassadors shared their confidence that the diplomatic ties between the two countries will help develop and further strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation.

Azerbaijan expressed its interest in bidding to host the World EXPO 2025 in their capital city of Baku and further conveyed their support to Palau in hosting the “Our Oceans” Conference in the year 2020. A special envoy will be visiting Palau in the month of February 2018.

Furthermore, Ambassador Ryu Tu of Cambodia to the United Nations expressed interest in Palau’s support on their candidacy to the Economic and Social Council for the year 2019 at the by-election to be held in June 2018.

Ambassador Uludong also extended the invitations to a visit to Cambodia and to Palau for the ‘Our Oceans Conference 2020’. (PR) [/restrict]