July 25, 2019– The Protected Areas Network (PAN), as part of the initiative to improve its public relations, had conducted two sessions to inform the public about its initiatives during the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) 25th Annual Education Convention.

In both sessions, PAN office communications officer was able to share some history that created PAN as well as discussed the dynamics between PAN’s three components: PAN Office, PANFund, and PAN State. The bulk of the sessions however were focused on the Melekeok Conservation Network (MCN) programs.

MCN program manager along with its conservation officers and rangers were able to give a lively presentation about its PAN site and discuss what it takes to manage their sites effectively.

They too were able to showcase current activities that can be tailored to students and encourage educators to consider MCN to help expand their students ‘knowledge outside the classroom. It was hoped that in this space, PAN would be able to raise awareness of not only Melekeok’s PAN site, but the network in its entirety.

One of the objectives of this year’ MOE Convention was to allow their employees to become more familiar with various programs to assist them in their class rooms. It was PAN’s hope that as a result of this space, more educators would be able to consider MCN and PAN to assist them raise environmental awareness among students and educators alike.

The Protected Areas Network would like to thank the Ministry of Education for creating this space as well as thank all who were able to attend the sessions that were able to contribute to the rich discussions. (PR)