Palau Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is holding its 3rd Spay/Neuter Mobile Clinic at Melekeok this month from March 22-25, 2022; Starting at 9am.

The clinic was possible due to the Australian Embassy, Direct Aid Program. Through their funding, PAWS is able to do Spay/ Neuter Clinics throughout Palau at the low cost of $5. 

PAWS promotes the sterilization of dogs and cats, both males and females, which helps control the overpopulation crisis that results in otherwise healthy animals being unnecessarily euthanized each year.  Sterilization also helps protect Palau’s unique biodiversity and promotes human health via improved animal health. Animals that are spayed (female) and neutered (male), will live a longer, healthier life – no complications from pregnancy and males won’t roam or fight looking to mate!

PAWS wants to organize more mobile clinics by bringing spay and neuter services close to people and their pets.

Pleases call us to plan a clinic in your state or hamlet.

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