Front row: Trustee Alvina Timarong, Chairman Billy G. Kuartei, Vice Chair Ro- mana Wong; Back row: Student Trustee O’Keef Kokichi, BOR Chairman Dr. Emais Roberts, and Secretary/Treasurer Kione Isechal

Monday, January 09, 2023- Palau Community College Board of Trustees held its annual organizational meeting on Monday, January 09, 2023. The Republic of Palau Public Law 4-2, cited as the Higher Education Act of 1993, mandates that mem- bers of the PCC Board of Trustees meet each year in order to elect its officers and establish its calendar of regular meetings. During their annual meeting on Monday, the trustees voted unanimously to re-elect Rev- erend Billy G. Kuartei as the Chairman of the College Board of Trustees, Ms. Romana Wong also re-elected as Vice Chairperson and Kione Isechal as secretary and treasurer. Thus, the new officers and members of the PCC Board of Trustees are as follows: Reverend Billy G. Kuartei, Chairman; Romana Wong, Vice Chairperson; Kione Isechal, Secretary/Treasurer; Alvina Timarong, Dr. Emais Roberts, and Student Trustee O’Keef Kokichi, mem- bers.

Dr. Emais Roberts represents the Board on the three-member College of Micronesia Land Grant Board of Regents. In addition, the PCC Board of Trustees organized its standing committee. Academic Programs Com- mittee – Chairman, Trustee Timarong; Finance/Personnel Committee -Chairman, Vice Chair Wong; Facilities

– Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer Isechal; and Student Affairs Committee – Chairperson Student Trustee Kokichi.

All committee include key college officials as Ad-Hoc Members.

The annual organizational meeting of the PCC Board of Trustees is held on the second Monday of January of

each year.

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