Palau Community College (PCC) recently conducted a workshop for graduating high school seniors that focused on the significance of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Disciplines. The workshop aimed to increase the students’ awareness and interest regarding the following degree programs offered at the college: the Information Technology Program, the Environmental/Marine Science Program, and the Traditional Non-Instrumental Navigation Program. Presentations by college instructors & hands-on activities were designed to provide the students with an understanding about the adaptation of scientific, technological, and traditional knowledge on a local community level. It was also an opportunity for the college to increase its student enrollment in these specific programs.


The workshop began on Monday, July 11, 2016 with a welcoming ceremony at the PCC Assembly Hall. Afterwards, the students participated in a technology class about digital graphic use. The lesson focused mainly on the various applications of the Adobe PhotoShop Photo-Editing Software. The technology lessons continued the next day with an introduction to the basics of computer programming and web page development.

From Wednesday, July 13, 2016 to Thursday, July 14, 2016 activities related to environmental/marine science were organized for the high school seniors. The students learned about environmental issues that have impacted Palau, such as global warming and coral bleaching. They also participated in a field day excursion that introduced the students to scientific research methods used in assessing Palau’s marine environment.

The last day of the workshop was on Friday, July 15, 2016. As part of the PCC Traditional Non-Instrumental Navigation Program, the students sailed from the NECO Marine Harbor to the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) Port on the Alingano Maisu, a fifty-six feet (56ft.) voyaging canoe that recently sailed from Palau to Guam for the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts. The students sailed under the command of Navigator Sesario Sewralur who is also the program’s instructor. The workshop concluded with a luncheon that was held at the PICRC Conference Room.

A total of seventeen (17) high school graduating seniors participated in the workshop: Roleen Ronny (Palau High School), Shunrang B. Chin (Mindszenty High School), Zsanessa D. Isamu (Palau Mission Academy), Mengei S. Termeteet (Palau High School), Ronalei S. Ronny (Palau High School), Kirah I. Rebelkuul (Mindszenty High School), Diluey U. Takawo (Mindszenty High School), Masasinge T. Hideos (Palau High School), Ronald Gabriel (Palau High School), Cesca M. Sam (Bethania High School), Elora James (Palau High School), Christie Tucheliaur (Mindszenty High School), Bonicarbo Thomas (Palau High School), Brett A. Meriang (Palau High School), Garry B. Tellames Jr. (Emmaus High School), Ngedengoll D. Akira (Palau High School), and Samantha O. Iyar (Palau Mission Academy).

The Introduction to STEM Workshop hosted by PCC aimed to provide graduating high school students in Palau with an awareness regarding the importance of science, technology, and traditional knowledge education. In order to increase the students’ enrollment in these respective fields, the workshop provided information and activities that highlighted the learning experiences of each program. [/restrict]