Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC), Palau’s only nationwide Internet provider, is pleased to announce two new convenient payment options for Home DSL service that will offer lower rates to users.


Home DSL, called HomeNet, was introduced in 2011 as a prepaid service using Debusch cards to log on to the Internet.  HomeNet has become very popular since it offers fast, affordable Internet access for residential customers bundled together with fixed line telephone service.  HomeNet service is currently available in Koror, Airai, and all Babeldaob states.

Effective August 1, PNCC will unify the payment systems for HomeNet and PNCC WiFi Hotspots to make high-speed Internet access more convenient and even more affordable.  The new system accepts both Prepaid Internet Cards and PalauNet accounts.

PNCC Prepaid Internet cards will be good for “Two-in-One”, providing both HomeNet and PNCC Wi-Fi Hotspot access, at the new low rate of $1.25 per hour, all day, every day.  After the cutover to the new payment system, Debusch cards will no longer work for HomeNet, but can still be used for long distance calls.

HomeNet customers who prefer the convenience of monthly billing can sign up for a PalauNet account (postpaid subscription) and use their PalauNet Username and Password to log in to both HomeNet service and PNCC WiFi Hotpots.  PalauNet offers a variety of monthly plans from Basic at $15 per month to Unlimited for $99.00 per month.

For more information about PalauNet plans and the new HomeNet payment options, please call PNCC at 488-9000 or email to [/restrict]