PCC Tourism Club conducts a two night event for thursday and friday showcasing movies and dancing performances provided with snacks, beverages and a photo booth to celebrate valentines and fundraise for future community services activities.

They are currently fundraising for an upcoming coastal cleanup which they dont have the budget for since their last spending of donating turkeys, gravy and stuffing to the hospital last November. 

Aside from just conducting community service events, they also want to continue to provide activities for dorm residents since PCC lacks activities they can be able to join.

“We fundraise to give back to the community as well as continue to provide activities for dorm residants because of lack of activities here at PCC, just so they feel more comfortable here while residing away from home” said Miss Jenelle Iwang Tourism Major moderator

Dorm resident are mostly made up of people from the fsm and marshall islands and this event was provided free for them to come participate and be a part of the activity

This is Tourism Club’s first school activity this year 2021 and are greatful for their sponsors Blekuu Sebal, Ben Robinson, Flora Wasisang, Maureen Alexander and Leana Gulibert in giving for this event as well as sponsor tickets for dorm residents who came free.

Tourism Club students hope to see more people come support their events as well as more students to join them to help the community.

Tourism Club invites students from all majors to come learn from moderators, Janelle Iwang on event planning, public speaking and customer service and Didiich Albert who teaches cooking, food presentation and etiquettes.

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