April 25, 2023, Peace Winds Palau Office concluded its 5-day outreach program to the Southwest Islands. The program was held at Hatohobei, Pulo Anna, and Sonsorol islands.

This outreach program took place in April 20-25, 2023, and Peace Winds’ MV Kensing sailed a team of three doctors and a nurse – Dr. Mototaka Inaba and Nurse Yoko Nagatsu from Peace Winds, Dr. Jason Kalei Aururang from the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MHHS) and Dr. Ming-En Hsu (Samuel) from Taiwan Shin Kong Hospital, to each island with a purpose of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) reduction and prevention. This effort was implemented by screening the community for body weight measurements, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, urine testing as well as Hba1c for sugar levels to detect any signs of NCDs.  In addition to the health screening, the team also provided health education and awareness counseling on healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

On April 22, Peace Winds team visited the island of Hatobohei, Pulo Anna on April 23 and Sonsorol on April 24, and attended to most of the adults in all three islands, in the total of 46 persons. In addition, our doctors saw sick patients including children who needed urgent medical consultation.  During the health screening, we interacted with community members and could feel their excitement of the program.

We would like to express a deep appreciation and thanks to everyone who helped us to accomplish a successful outreach voyage, especially to all the communities we visited, including the Governors and Lieutenant Governors of Hatohobei and Sonsorol states.  Furthermore, a special thanks to the Marine Law Enforcement Agency for letting MV Kensing berth at their dock, along with PNCC for their Sat-Phone, lastly to the Palauan people for their patronage and support.

This multi-year project is funded through Grant Aid for Japanese NGO Projects of the Government of Japan.

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