A Petition signed by voters of Ngardmau State to recall Ngardmau Legislator Tarita Holms, has been rejected by the Palau Election Commission (PEC) for not meeting the requirements set forth by Ngardmau State Law NSL No. 8-17.
In a letter to Ngardmau Speaker Bradley Kumangai, Palau Election Commission said that after thorough review of the petition in line with NSL No. 8-17, it had found “defects” that prevents PEC from granting the petition.
Palau Election Commission said that the Petition failed to obtain the required number of signatures to meet the mandates of Ngardmau State Constitutional and the state law NSL 8-17.
At Ngardmau State election last year, 271 votes were cast, therefore a minimum of 68 registered voters are needed meet the 25% threshold required by the Ngardmau Constitution.
PEC letter said that of the 72 signatures collected, 65 were verified. Of the 65 verified, 2 did not include dates with their signatures and 5 submitted signed and notarized affidavits requesting to remove their names reducing total number of verified signatures to 58, falling short of the 68 minimum required signatures needed to approve a recall petition.
Other defects include failure to provide a “type-written petition in the English language” and a separate document with signatures of the petitioners that’s been signed under oath with verification as required by the state law.
“Because of the reasons stated above, the PEC has determined that the Petition did not meet all the requirements and therefore is defective,” stated PEC letter to Speaker Kumangai of Ngardmau Legislature.
Last week, a petition was submitted by Ngardmau citizens to recall Ngardmau Legislator Tarita Holms, a newly elected legislator who has only been in office for 6 months. The recall alleged that Legislator Holms had overstepped her role as a legislator by intruding into the affairs of the chiefs. Legislator Holms countered the allegations saying “I specifically explained myself before I spoke that I will remove my legislator hat and will be speaking under a different hat and that I will be relaying messages from my mother.”

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