Surging covid cases in Taiwan and the corresponding restrictions is placing many patients, some of them needing urgent care in limbo waiting for word on when it will be possible to go for medical treatment in Taiwan.
Work is underway to re-route patients to the Philippines through Guam, according to HCF Administrator Ulai Teltull.
Palau HealthCare Fund signed a provider agreement with Medical City Philippines in March of 2020, right before the border closures. According to Administrator Teltull, Medical City has prepared itself to handle patients under the “new normal”.
“It has divided it’s services so one area handles regular patients and other handle covid patients, and each are separated to prevent co-mingling. They are well-prepared to handle patients now that are non-covid related.”
In addition, with Medical City branch in Guam, someone is there to help coordinate and prepare all the requirements for the patients referred to Medical City Philippines.
With many Palauan patients already vaccinated, this too will help expedite the process in the Philippines, according to Teltull.
At previous press conference, President Whipps said they were looking into options of medical referrals to Guam, Philippines and Hawaii. ( By: L.N. Reklai)

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