An advisory by the Republic of Palau National Aviation Administration has been sent out to all domestic aircraft operators to inform that the Peleliu State Airstrip has been closed since July 23rd and will remain closed until further notice.

The purpose of the closure is to allow the Koa Moana Task Force the green light to start working on renovations of the Peleliu Airfield.

During the leadership conference, Ambassador Niland mentioned that “the work on the airfield has been identified as a long standing need in terms of assuring that air service from Koror to Peleliu.”

Niland went on to say that “it needs attention in terms of both the strip itself and of course the jungle and the grass has come on the side. We’ve been asked to do preliminary work to try to repair some potholes along the air strip and to work on cutting back some of the growth so that it’s safe for Palau and to fly between Koror and Peleliu.”

Coming into contact with the Koa Moana Task is not advised as they are still under quarantine measures and will only be free to go around the community after they are tested negative after 14 days in quarantine.

Koa Moana is  renovating the Peleliu air strip and they will repair the school in Peleliu and help with the improvement of a dispensary clinic.

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