By: L.N. Reklai
November 22, 2017 (Koror, Palau) In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Tatirou women’s group from Peleliu expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Korovo Tukana and his wife with donation of over $3,000 dollars.

The women of Peleliu conducted a fundraising selling their food crops as well as receiving donations from other folks in Peleliu to help Dr. Tukana who recently undergone serious medical treatment. 168 people donated toward the fundraising effort.
Dr. Tukana and his wife, who is a nurse, were assigned by the Ministry of Health to provide medical services to Peleliu State. Both Dr. Tukana and his wife have lived and served people of Peleliu for the last four years.
“We will miss your daily house visits,” expressed the ladies with tears in their eyes. “We want you to get well and return to us.”
Dr. Tukana expressed his heartfelt appreciation for outpouring of love and care that the people of Peleliu had shown to him and his family.
Mrs. Tukana, who can easily be mistaken for Palauan, and is adopted as one of the Tatirou articulated her family’s feelings toward their adopted home. “We will leave but our daughter who is also a doctor will come to Palau to serve. She has heard all the wonderful things about Palau and Peleliu that we’ve shared with our family.”
Witnessing the occasion with the Tatirou women were Minister Emais Roberts, Senator Dr. Stevenson Kuartei, Delegate Jonathan Isechal, Dr. Dever, Dr. Tukana and Mrs. Tukana, women of Tatirou and the MOH administration staff. [/restrict]