A Netflix show called “The Big Show Family” has recently called the Federated States of Micronesia a terrible country.

A petition was made after the episode aired called “Stand up for the misinterpretation of our country, the Federated States of Micronesia.”

In the petition it states that “the Micronesian people will not tolerate being conceived and portrayed as a terrible country.”

So far 7,028 people have signed the petition that includes Palauans among the many that have signed.

The comments about the country were specifically said in another show called “Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event which featured the “The Big Show Family”.

Before the episode aired on Netflix, “The Big Show Family” was pictured wearing a t-shirt with Micronesia printed on it.

This caught the attention of many Micronesians and was shared massively on social media. Many felt a sense of excitement and gratitude for the recognition.

However, when the episode aired, “The Big Show Family” star Allison Munn said that “Every year the Ericsson’s get team U.S.A and we get some terrible country.”

Many Micronesians voiced out their disappointment and disgust by the comments made about the country. Some have called for show to issue a public apology to the Micronesian community.

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