LM 3 Store, a popular after-hours hangout located between Fuji Restaurant and Post Office in Koror, has reduced its operating hours from 24 hours to 20 hours on weekends upon request of the Ministry of Justice in order to help improve public safety concerns.

Number of public disturbances have occurred near and around the LM 111 Store due to its 24 hours schedule including the incident last month that resulted in the shooting death of one of the customers of the store who got into an altercation with the police.

In a letter to store owner Mr. Jordan Malsol, Minister of Justice/Vice PresidentRaynoldOilouchand Minister of Finance ElbuchelSadang, requested his “cooperation and assistance” in a serious matter involving a number of serious public disturbances late at night near and around his store.

Eye witnesses reports say that youth and other customers, often drunk after the bars have closed, have been seen purchasing alcohol beverages from the store, “which if true, is clear violation of our laws”, stated the letter.

“The Ministry of Justice would like to bring the level of incidents, especially alcohol-related activities down and to have our streets more safe and secure,” stated Minister and VP Oilouch. 

Oilouchrequested that the store be closed on or before 2am every Thursday through Saturday beginning August 14 “as a matter of public safety and measure of security.”

Oilouch said that the limited police officers spread out all over providing security as well as manning quarantine sites in and outside of Koror are “overwhelmed” by the rising level of incidents.

When reached by phone, Vice President Oilouch said that the owner Malsol complied with the request without any issue.

Palau law does not limit business operating hours but itbans sale of alcohol before 6am and after 2am.

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