Minister Kaleb Udui Sr. and delegation to the 55th Annual Meeting of ADB Board of Governors. (Photo credit: Palau Charge D’Affairs Keith Sugiyama)

The Philippines government is expected to issue a travel advisory that lifts the restrictions and allows travelers to travel through Manila to Palau or other destinations.

The change to the travel advisory will allow for more flight options for passengers that transit to connecting airlines to other destinations, including coming to Palau.

According to Keith Sugiyama, Palau’s charge d’affairs in Manila, Philippines, “the passengers are now permitted Inter-terminal transits and permitted to enter as long as health and travel protocols are complied with.”

The previous advisory stated that “Philippines entry rules … did not include guidance for passengers transiting between two international flights.  A transit journey that requires you to clear immigration in the Philippines…is restricted  and you may be denied permission by the Bureau of Immigration.”

“It’s been lifted.  We are now able to transit,” confirmed Mr. Sugiyama.

Such policy would allow easier travel to other destinations via Manila and enable easier travel of contracted workers from other destinations to and from Palau.

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