Implementing Year of Youth Grant

Palau High School Agriculture program is on the verge of completing their grant program after constructing a plant nursery for their agriculture students.


“We are seeing more students signing up for agriculture after many years of decline due to this one improvement” stated PHS Principal Smythe Rdang.

“Agriculture course has always been part of the Palau High School curriculum since the school began but for many years, we have been seeing constant decline in number of students showing interest in the program,” added Agriculture Instructor Villiany Thomas.

The grant application through the President’s Office sought to enhance and promote youth experience and interest in agricultural studies, as part of the youth development programs funded through the Youth Development Grant from the Government of India.

“The kids when they saw the nursery, you can see the interest really spark in their eyes,” stated instructor Villiany Thomas.

This is one of the many different grants awarded, aimed at Youth Development.  These grants were made available through the Office of the President, funded by the Government of India.  Many groups, agencies, and entities applied for the grants with specific aims of supporting youth development through various programs. [/restrict]