By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau) Vice President and Minister of Justice Antonio Bells questioned Special Prosecutor Steven Killelea’s priorities in a letter yesterday.


Citing that since his meeting with the Special Prosecutor after his confirmation on April 27 until now, SP has not taken action on the any of the recommendations made by Public Auditor as a result of audit on Exercise Tempest Wind Fund.

“I am getting a bit concerned because it seems like this case has been pushed to the back burner with other more serious cases while you are busy prosecuting other less serious cases,” stated VP Bells in his letter.

VP cited a recent case that SP Killelea filed against a BPS employee and inmate who did not wear proper uniform which is based on policy set by Minister Bells regarding inmate uniforms.  “This could have been easily addressed through simple management action.  The filing was rendered meaningless by the court when original sentencing was re-issued by the court,” said Bells in a phone interview.

According to Bells, they have been following up with the Special Prosecutor on the status of this case and have been told that the Office of Special Prosecutor is waiting for information they requested from the US Embassy regarding the matter.

“I don’t know what other information is required.  All the information my Office requested and the Office of Auditor requested have been received,” added VP Bells, expressing his frustration over the case.

The letter urged the Special Prosecutor to take immediate action and provided copies to House and Senate Committee’s to take a look at the issue to ensure that no selective prosecution is taking place. [/restrict]