On Friday, 17 November 2017, students of Palau High School’s World History class took its semesterly field trip to visit Rois Remdiu and Ulong.  Rois Remdiu of Koror was an important location during WWII in the Pacific used by the Japanese.  War remnants like the huge canon, guns, tins and metal containers rusty are still visible around the area.  Ulong on the other hand was where the first written history of Palau began when Captain Wilson’s ship Antelope was shipwrecked. This is also where foreign objects such as iron and steel tools were first seen by the natives.


The field trip was made possible with the support extended by the Ministry of Education, National Emergency Management Office along with the beneficial partnership that has been established with key Koror State Government agencies, Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement and Department of State & Cultural Affairs.  Such study excursions are needed to enhance students learning and familiarizing themselves with their own history but it is more important to note the value of the experience is added more when guidance is provided by passionate and capable Koror State officials as Scout Master El’zeder Eledui and Koror State Ranger Meltel.

Principal Smyth Rdang of Palau High School kindly takes this opportunity to convey his utmost gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Hon. Yositaka Adachi, Governor of Koror State and his team for the generous assistance provided to the school.  Governor Adachi for the past 12 years has been supporting many annual school programs and activities which have had much positive impacts in the lives of our students.  Prayers of good health and blessings to Governor Adachi as he concludes his remaining time in office and his plans thereafter.

Many thanks and blessings to everyone who made this meaningful field trip possible!  Merry Christimas and a Blessed Year 2018 to all! [/restrict]