On December 20, 2017, Ambassador Michael Y. K. Tseng of the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy presented two checks amounting to 2,101,000 US dollars, as the fifth tranche of 2015 annual grant and the fifth tranche of 2016 annual grant, to Hon. Elbuchel Sadang, Minister of Finance.


Funded projects in this action for 2015 totaled at 480,000 US dollars include: (1) Road Construction and Improvement in Ngchesar State; (2) Construction of Recreational Parks in Ngaraard State; (3) Restoration of Traditional Bai in Ngchesar State; (4) Ministry of Community and Culture Civic Center Improvements.

And the projects of 2016 in this action totaled at 1,621,000 US dollars include: (1) Road Constructions and Improvements in Aimeliik, Melekeok, Ngatpang, Ngchesar and Ngeremlengui States; (2) Construction of Recreational Parks in Ngarchelong and Airai States; (3) Softball Field Lighting Upgrade in Koror State; (4) Improvements of Bai in Ngchesar State; (5) Water Distribution Lines in Ngarchelong and Peleliu States; (6) Ngaraard Visitor Attraction Site Development Project; (7) Culture Civic Center Improvements; (8) Marine Resource Hatchery Improvements.

Taiwan’s annual stimulus grants are delivered on reimbursement basis. Taiwanese government through its Embassy in Palau first reviews and approves the proposed project of each year. After the projects are completed or done in different phases, the Embassy performs on-site inspection on the projects. Then the reimbursement is delivered.

Taiwan Government is happy to offer assistance in Palau’s national development and to help improve living standard and quality of life of the Palauan people. Taiwan Embassy will continue working closely with the Palauan government to ensure all projects proceed effectively and efficiently. Apart from annual stimulus grants mainly for infrastructure, Taiwan also provides scholarship to students, technical assistance for local agriculture and aquaculture farmers through Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM), and medical cooperation including referral program, and efforts to combat NCDs.

Taiwan government treasures the cordial and brotherhood-like relationship with the ROP and will keep its commitment to render continuous assistance to the people and government of Palau. [/restrict]