The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) was able to successfully organize the 2022 Arts and Tides Calendar contest. Jaylynn T. Eberdong from George B. Harris (GBH) Elementary School was awarded Overall Winner. Besides receiving a cash prize of $100 and a free copy of the Calendar, Jaylynn’s drawing will be featured on the cover page of the “2022 The Future of Our Oceans is in Our Hands” Arts and Tides Calendar. At the same time, her art work will be displayed on two road signs: one across from Palau High School (PHS) and the other in Airai, near Bem Ermii.

PICRC were presenting awards at the three schools base on the following awarding categories 1) schools with the overall winner, 2) school with the most winners and 3) the school with the most participants in the art contest. Therefore, PICRC first awarded the overall winner at the GBH Elementary School, followed by PHS for the most winners and ended at Ngaraard Elementary School in which hundred percent of its school enrollment participated in the art contest. PICRC would like to thank all the participants, schools’ principals and teachers for their cooperation during the past art contest. Likewise, PICRC extends its thanks and congratulations to all the runner-up and winners of the 2022 Arts & Tides Calendar.

The 1st place winners for each of the grades are: Joshia Ngiraked (Grade 1, Aimeliik ES), Abel Gabriel (Grade 2, Ngeremlengui ES), LJ Kuo Humio (Grade 3, Ngaraard ES), Jared Tutii (Grade 4, GBH ES), Aldan J. Ngirailemesang (Grade 5, Ngaraard ES), Mally Wilson (Grade 6, Airai ES), Gord Giramur (Grade 7, Koror ES), Shanna R. Kadisang (Grade 8, Angaur ES), Ju Min Timarong (Grade 9, Belau Modekngei School), Quinlan Sikt Yaoch (Grade 10, PHS), Zechariah Tarimel Tutii (Grade 11, PHS), Deureng Camacho (Grade 12, PHS).

The 2nd Runner-up for each of the grades are: Habila Osilek (Grade 1, Aimeliik ES), Rirch Rayney (Grade 2, Ngardmau ES), Dileuei Riah Reklai (Grade 3, Maris Stella School), Arylana Humio (Grade 4, Ngaraard ES), Drey Oyaol Midar (Grade 5, Koror ES), Stella Marie Miguel (Grade 6, Maris Stella School), Guanhong Wei (Grade 7, Seventh Day Adventist), Akane Feliciano Osada (Grade 8, Seventh Day Adventist),  Lucky Truce (Grade 9, Belau Modekngei School), Sage Kubarii Uchel (Grade 10, PHS), Dionas Baldeo (Grade 11, Palau Mission Academy), Bhilanna Temol (Grade 12, Palau Mission Academy).

Again, PICRC would like to congratulate the aforementioned winners, whose drawings will be displayed in the Calendar, while recognizing and congratulating, GBH and Ngaraard Elementary Schools as well as PHS for being selected in the three awarding categories.  The publication of this calendar would not be possible without the help of the teachers and principals who, year after year, play an invaluable role in motivating students into participating. Thank you all for your continuous support!

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