The Palau International Coral Reef Center is hosting an international JICA training course from December 5th thru December 23rd. The course is called “Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Conservation through Collaborative Management,” and is a two-month course; the first month having been conducted in Okinawa, Japan, while the remaining time will be spent here in Palau. The course will cover various marine conservation methods, the failures and successes of these methods, and how the participants can move to implement similar methods in their own countries.


There are nine participants from around the world: two from Fiji, three from Solomon Islands, one Haiti and Myanmar, and two Palauans (Lincy Marino, PICRC researcher and LaVoice Mongami, a Kayangel State Ranger). Being from different countries, with different career backgrounds, this training is beneficial to all the participants because it gives everyone the opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives concerning marine conservation.

PICRC is proud to host this training because it directly connects to the Center’s work. The training in Palau will focus on Palau’s conservation efforts, its successes and subsequent effectiveness.  Participants in this course from around the world will be able to learn first-hand what Palau has done and how they can adopt some of Palau’s conservation initiatives in their own countries.

Mr. Tadashi Kimura, the program leader, stated three reasons for why he chose to hold the training in Palau and specifically, PICRC. First of all, since he had done work in Palau, he saw the drive and passion of the people for conservation. Secondly, the PAN system is a unique conservation tool that he feels needs to be shared with other countries in hopes of creating something similar in these other countries. Finally, he stated that in choosing PICRC to host the training that “it is the best example of JICA’s capacity building programs. As PICRC was founded back in 2001 with help from JICA, it has grown to be a successful research center, producing reputable findings.” [/restrict]