On April 19, 2017, PICRC hosted a luncheon for the Rubekul Belau, to show their gratitude to the Council of Chiefs for their continued efforts in leading conservation forward. The luncheon was attended by the Chairman of the Council of Chiefs, Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons, Reklai Raphael B. Ngirmang and all the members of the council, with the exception of one chief who was sick and could not attend.


During the luncheon, Aquarium Supervisor, Asap Bukurrou, gave a brief presentation on recent research conducted by one of PICRCs researchers, Mr. Lincoln Rehm.  Mr. Rehm is currently in the United States attending Drexel University, where he is studying Giant clams and working towards his PhD.

PICRC’s Chairman of Board of Directors, Mr. Noah Idechong, also presented a Board Resolution to recognize the Rubekul Belau Council of Chiefs as being visionaries and leaders in conservation. The resolution acknowledges that the Rubekul Belau, Council of Chiefs, have consistently supported PICRC, since its opening in 2001 and continued to provide perspective and guidance throughout the past  sixteen years. Most importantly, PICRC recognizes and appreciates the commitment and unrelenting support by the Rebekul Belau Council of Chiefs, in promoting the mission and vision of the Palau International Coral Reef Center.

Reklai Raphael B. Ngirmang spoke on behalf of the Council of Chiefs, commending PICRC for their work in conservation and furthering it through science.  In an expression of appreciation Chief Reklai stated, “Thank you, Dr. Golbuu and the Board of Directors  and staff for the work  that you have put in to educating our children and producing scientists that have returned to Palau to advance our efforts in protecting our natural resources, our oceans, and our way of life.” [/restrict]