The Board of Directors of the Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) has accepted the recent resignation of Mr. Paulus Kingzio, and appointed Mr. Leo Ben Teriong as Acting General Manager.  Mr. Teriong has served as PNCC Chief Financial Officer since 2004.   Prior to joining PNCC, Mr. Teriong served as Director of Human Resources and Vice President of Finance & Administration at Palau Community College for 14 years.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Guam and a Master’s degree from Armstrong University.  


Mr. Kingzio successfully managed PNCC’s implementation of a new 5-year strategic plan beginning January 2014.  The plan prioritizes the introduction of mobile data services and the expansion of high-speed Internet services.

PalauCel 3G service was launched in January 2015, and has grown popular due to the convenience of fast data access via your smartphone.  In the coming months, PNCC will upgrade the mobile network to 4G for even faster data speeds, beginning in Koror and Airai.  Current 3G antennas in those areas will be re-deployed to expand coverage in Babeldaob.

In line with its 5-year plan, PNCC has continued to upgrade and expand all Internet services, including DSL, HomeNet, and Wi-Fi Hotspots, as well as mobile data.  A major infrastructure project is underway to convert the telecommunications network to an IP-based system in preparation for connecting to the new international submarine fiber optic cable. [/restrict]