On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Victor Nestor, a researcher from Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) gave a presentation about Ngerkebesang Marine Protected Area (MPA) to managers and supervisors from Palau Pacific Resort (PPR).  In 2002, with the combined efforts of PPR and Koror State Government, the Ngerkebesang MPA was established. What makes the Ngerkebesang MPA special, is its unique feature for being the beachfront to one of Palau’s premier resorts.


PICRC began its monitoring assessment last year on March 2015 and completed the same assessment this year, 2016.  Mr. Nestor gave a preliminary assessment of the surveys that were conducted in the Ngerkebesang MPA.  From the two surveys conducted in 2015 and 2016, researchers analyzed data they collected and determined that the MPA shows positive indications of a healthy reef system. This is evident with the significant increase of young coral recruitment during this year.

Mr. Nestor highlighted the importance of continuing to monitor this MPA in order to better document the changes in abundance of marine species and overall health of the marine life in the area.  It was recommended as a next step to collaborate in next year’s monitoring efforts to have PPR staff join PICRC researchers when surveying fish, invertebrates, and the seafloor of the MPA. This would be a good opportunity for the PPR staff to learn how to conduct their own surveys and assessments of the Ngerkebesang MPA.

PPR has always supported environmental initiatives, investing in conservation efforts through their constant support to agencies like PICRC, Palau Conservation Society and  others.  PPR is a shining example of how private and public agencies can build a strong partnership based on shared views toward environmental management and conservation.

PICRC would like to thank PPR management for the opportunity to share the results of the assessment of Ngerkebesang Marine Protected Area and look forward to their continued partnership to promote coral reef stewardship and sustainable resource management. [/restrict]