The Palau International Coral Center (PICRC) welcomes Mr. McQuinnley Mesengei as its newest Research Assistant. McQuinnley has his associates degree in Environmental/Marine Science from Palau Community College (PCC). During his time at PCC, McQuinnley had the chance to work at the Science Lab to assist the science professors, set-up lab experiments, collect data, monitor students, and maintain the lab’s cleanliness and writing reports.
After graduating from PCC, McQuinnley did an internship at the University of Hawaii-Manoa for two months. During his internship, he conducted extensive research on the effects of chemicals on coral fertilization.
“It has been great and I am extremely grateful to be part of this workplace and to work alongside wonderful people. It has been only three months since I started, yet I’ve learned so many skills and can now assist researchers on a daily basis while I continue to learn more” stated McQuinnley. As a research assistant, McQuinnley is expected to be involved in all aspects of research work including field work, data entry and analysis. While only been at PICRC for a few months, McQuinnley has made significant contribution to PICRC’s research efforts and has become a vital part of PICRC’s research team.

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