On Tuesday, May 11, 2021, Palau Chamber of Commerce held its monthly General Membership Meeting at Desomel Restaurant, located at the Palasia Hotel Palau.
The issues at hand were many, including the proposed Senate Bill No. 11-15 on the Comprehensive Tax Reform, the expectations and concerns regarding the reopening of the flights to and from Palau, the impact and damages brought by last month’s Typhoon Surigae, and continuing socio-economic impacts on this small nation’s business community, the private sector that many fear that businesses are now holding on just a thread with no lifeline in sight unless the Government comes up with some immediate changes to help. Otherwise, the bleak economic state of affairs in the country continuing on with no change to or by the Government will guarantee that some businesses, if not many, will have no choice but to close down soon.
During the May 2021 general membership meeting, the Board of Directors welcomed to the group, bringing the number of PCOC Directors from 10 to 11, the organization’s newly elected Board member, Ms. Ilebrang U. Olkeriil, manager of a small but very popular local eatery known as Yokohama Restaurant located in Koror, Palau.
The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome another Palauan small business onto the Board of the Palau Chamber of Commerce and looks forward to working with Ms. Olkeriil who is fondly called “Ileb” and with the membership altogether for a strong and united voice – as the prime organization that represents the business community and the Private Sector of the Republic of Palau.

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