Palau International Trading Inc. (PITI) denied offering sea cucumber seedlings to Ngarchelong State, citing that it may have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

PITI representative Terry Huang, in a statement to Island Times said that although PITI is interested in the sea cucumber industry, it is still in the research and planning stage and has not applied for an aquaculture license or any kind of permit yet.

He said that as part of their canvassing of information, they have asked information from the Bureau of Marine Resources as well as local fishermen about certain species of sea cucumber.  “Perhaps from these inquiries, people may have misunderstood,” said Mr. Huang.

It was also clarified that Ebiil Society has been reseeding Ebiil sea cucumber stock with seedlings from the Bureau of Marine Resources, a point Ann Singeo, CEO of Ebiil Society made and did not reject the proposal.

Bureau of Marine Resources under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment conducts research not only on the breeding of the sea cucumber but also on the viability of sea cucumber farms, the latter still being conducted within the laboratory.

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