A man who allegedly slashed another man in Ulimang county, Ngaraard state, spent the entire weekend free before being charged.  The suspect, Melmalt Blaluk, allegedly slashed a sleeping man on the forehead in the early morning of Friday, December 17th.  He was caught by the police and released.

Apparently, he was released and was seen walking around in Ngaraard during the weekend.  A resident of Ngaraard says that people were scared that a man who had just committed assault was freely walking around.

Charges were filed and an arrest warrant was issued on Monday, December 20th and the suspect has since been arrested and charged.

“How can the police release a dangerous criminal to the streets for several days?  It’s irresponsible.” says a current resident of Ngaraard State.

According to the Vice President Uduch Senior, it is a problem with procedure.  Normally a suspect is held for 24 hours and charged the next day.  Because it was a weekend, he was not charged and the police could not hold him any longer. 

 It is a current shortcoming of the current procedures.  The Vice President spoke with the Attorney General to come up with some sort of mechanism to hold suspects throughout the weekend.

According to a source, the suspect is now in custody and has been charged.  An arrest report could not be procured in time for press. (By: N. Soaladaob)

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