Flag of Melekeok State, Palau, with a vintage and old look — Photo by PromesaStudio

Fifty-eight (58%) of the total 769 registered voters of Melekeok State, casted their votes last Tuesday, December 10th to elect their representatives to the 10th Melekeok State Government.

At the polls, incumbent Governor Henaro Polloi lead with 235 votes over Aloisius Tellei 206 votes, according to unofficial results released by the Palau Election Commission.

Governor Polloi led by 29 votes over opponent Aloisius Along Tellei, who himself was a previous governor of Melekeok State.

For Melekeok Legislature, out of 8 candidates for 5 At-Large seats, leading the votes are Toribiong Mekreos, Frutoso “Toto” Tellei, Jeffrey Sambal Erungale, Jefferson Thomas and Silverius Ouch Tellei.

The fifth place Sylverius Tellei lead over the 6th place holder  Hidencio Kintaro by 28 and chances of that overturned by absentee votes is slim but this remain to be confirmed after the final tally on December 17th. (L.N. Reklai)