PORT VILA (ABC) — In Vanuatu a curfew has been announced between 6pm-6am on Wednesday and Thursday on the main island of Efate to reduce the spread of COVID infections.

Ten new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed this week and there are now 41 active cases including those in border quarantine.

Among those is a colleague of Angela a midwife at Port Vila Central hospital.

“One of us who came to work, who was working with us yesterday is confirmed positive,” Angela said.

Angela’s team of eight tested themselves after their colleagues’ diagnosis came through and they all returned a negative result, but Angela said the team were confused about what the next steps were supposed to be.

“We don’t know whether to go home or to stay the night because there are no isolation places provided by the hospital,” she said.

Her confusion is echoed by Port Vila resident Monica Croccolo who believes the government has not been transparent enough as COVID numbers start to rise.

“We’re not getting enough information from the authorities,” she said.

The ABC’s Pacific Beat has sought comment from Vanuatu’s government but has not received a response.

The most recently published statistics show that just under seven out of 10 adults in Vanuatu have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

But now there is COVID in the community, Croccolo has seen a rush of people wanting to get vaccinated.

“The queues are just endless we had people queueing up not even considering social distancing they were like sardines which was unbelievable,” she said.

Croccolo said the sentiment in the capital city is that the Vanuatu government should have used the two years without COVID transmission to prepare better for this moment.

“You know I think for the whole population we really needed to have a better plan in place and that’s lacking,” Croccolo told Pacific Beat…… PACNEWS

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