A bill to allow the filing for tax deductions when donating to Palau National Scholarship Board(PNSB) was introduced 3 days ago on the first day of Olbiil Era Kelulau (OEK)’s 12th regular session, held on Tuesday, 10th of October 2023.

This proposed bill, No. 11-93, aims to “Allow employees to file for tax deductions for financial contributions made to the Palau National Scholarship Board.” Donations to Palau Conservation Society (PCS), Palau Red Cross Society, or any of Palau’s private schools and non-profit organizations are tax-deductible, and the donor will receive 10 percent of the donated amount as a tax refund. This bill, if passed, will extend the same practice to PNSB.

According to reports from PNSB, 257 Palauan college and university students applied for financial assistance from PNSB this school year. In the same reports, these students are requesting a total of 5.1 million dollars in aid. This year, OEK was only able to appropriate 2.3 million dollars, a far lesser amount.

PNSB is also funding a yearly summer internship program where Palauan students studying abroad may come to Palau, join the local workforce for their internship, and earn university internship credits while at the same time being paid $400 dollars bi-weekly. According to PNSB data, 30 Palauan students studying abroad were in Palau for this summer internship program, and 11 of them who graduated from their universities are now looking for jobs in Palau. Senator Tabelual and 10 other senators introduced this bill.

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