Palau Royal Resort (PRR) has been a long time Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) with Palau Conservation Society (PCS). Last year marked their 7th year of partnership. On Dec. 20, 2016, PCS’s Chairman Dr. Minoru Ueki received the last monthly contribution check of $300 from PRR’s General Manager Mr. Mike Kawaguchi. In 2015, PRR pledged to distribute its annual contribution on a monthly basis. The check received on Dec 20 concluded a total of $3,600 CPC contribution from PRR to PCS in 2016. Despite declining number of visitors last year, PRR maintained its corporate social responsibility by upholding its commitment to supporting conservation work in Palau.


On Dec 26, 2016 PCS Chairman Dr. Minoru Ueki met with Mr. Mike Kawaguchi yet again to receive a check exchange of $15,416.40 donation for a fundraising event held at PRR. During this time, Mr. Kawaguchi was able to express that PRR has taken important measures in going green and promoting sustainable environment. Instead of cutting down trees every year for a Christmas tree, PRR collected pet bottles used by their guests and reuses them to construct their unique Christmas tree. Through this effort, they’ve been able to save trees and reduce garbage. Mr. Kawaguchi was also pleased to share their effort in saving our natural resources by collecting and recycling rain water through their rainwater catchment system within the hotel property. According to their hotel press release, PRR’s approximate water consumption exceeds 1 million gallons in average per month. Through their own effort in line with their theme of “sustainability and nature friendliness” they have managed to raise the level of recycled rain water from 40.9% in October to 51.3% in November respectively. PRR ensure that they will commit and throw their effort into this conservation activity that they’ve started for the good of their guests and the community as a whole.

PCS is proud of the effort PRR has put forth in promoting sustainable development through conserving our natural resources and maintaining their support to PCS. PCS continues to raise vital conservation dollars to support programs that require funding to continue. Contributions from Corporate Partners such as PRR ensure that PCS continues to be at the forefront of conservation work not only in Palau and the Pacific Region but throughout the world. This type of support, including that of members of the PCS endowment program provide much needed money toward ensuring and supporting vital conservation projects that guarantee Palau’s healthy environment.

PCS encourages any company wishing to become CPC members or members of the community interested in pledging their support to PCS’ conservation efforts to contact Ms. Lolita Gibbons-Decherong, INTERIM Executive Director at 488-3993/4716, or via email at  [/restrict]