The Division of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection (DMSFWP), Bureau of Public Safety, held a Departure Ceremony for PSS Kedam on Tuesday, 11 April 2023 at 1:30pm. PSS Kedam began its 5-day travel at 3:00pm on the same day to Kagoshima, Japan, for vessel maintenance. The 40-meter patrol vessel will undergo maintenance for two months and is scheduled to depart Kagoshima on 13 June 2023 for its return trip back to Palau, with an expected arrival date of 20 June 2023.

At the Ceremony, His Excellency President Whipps, Jr. graced the event where he gave special remarks, expressing words of encouragement with a touch of humor for the departing crew of the vessel. The Honorable Vice President and Minister of Justice Senior gave the closing remarks where she wished the crew a safe journey to their destination and that of their return home.  

Traveling on board vessels for long periods of time is nothing new to our marine law officers. It’s a part of their work duties and we can only applaud them for their efforts and their commitment to the work, especially considering they are leaving behind loved ones for extended periods of time.

While the PSS Kedam is enroute to Kagoshima, the Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Justice wishes all the crew safe travels and good health throughout the entire journey. We stand ready to receive you on our shores on 20 June 2023.

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