The patrol boat PSS KEDAM of the Marine Law Enforcement Division of the Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish & Wildlife Protection which was not mission capable since last year, has completed repairs in Kagoshima, Japan lasting three months, and on Monday, August 2, she returned home. PSS KEDAM was provided by The Nippon Foundation to the Republic of Palau in 2017.  All expenses for the round trip to Japan and repair costs of PSS KEDAM were fully supported by The Nippon Foundation.

LCDR KINOSHITA Manabu, Coast Guard Advisor to Palau, also arrived in Palau onboard PSS KEDAM.  Earlier in April 2021, the Coast Guard advisor dispatched to Palau with the support of The Nippon Foundation transitioned and KINOSHITA Manabu took over from his predecessor, TOMITA “Kedelaol” Toshiaki. He becomes the second advisor to Palau under the agreement between The Nippon Foundation and Palau to enhance coast guard capability.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, changeover of the coast guard advisor was not possible here in Palau but LCDR KINOSHITA Manabu has since built stronger ties and cooperation with the PSS KEDAM crew through the repair of PSS KEDAM and the voyage to Palau.

During her stay in Japan, Japan Coast Guard conducted training on transporting people with COVID-19 and measures to prevent its spread on board.  The Nippon Foundation also provided Marine Law Enforcement with infection protection equipment. In addition, dive search and/or recovery operations training was also conducted.

PSS KEDAM is expected to play an active role in Palau waters. Coast Guard Advisor KINOSHITA Manabu plans to provide daily support as well as specialized support for PSS KEDAM patrols to strengthen Marine Law Enforcement and deepen the relationship between Japan and Palau.

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