The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) and Airai State Government welcomed and organized a cultural sightseeing tour for guests from Taiwan’s Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) on December 9, 2018.

Taiwan’s Department of General Planning Director Wang Jui-Ying and Policy Planning and International Affairs Officer of the Department of General Planning Ms. Sayun Tosu including Taiwan Ambassador to Palau Wallace M. G. Chow and his wife Yu-Shan Samantha Tsai, and Second Secretary Sofia Huang were toured by the PVA staff around the famous activities and sites in Palau.

The day began by boating through the beautiful and pristine mangroves in Airai then kayaking back to shore where a traditional lunch awaited that was prepared by the women of Airai.

Airai State Governor Tmewang Rengulbai, Mr. Collins Takeo, Coordinator, Tourism Department, Mr. Ngirai Tmetuchl, Chairman of PVA Board, Ms. Stephanie Nakamura, PVA Managing Director, Mr. Kadoi Ruluked, Operations and Programs Director, Ms. Katarina Mad, State & Community Manager, and Ms. Chloe Yano, Social Media Representative, and other Airai State representatives were present to accompany the guests.

After lunch, Airai State tour guides, Ms. Velma Obak and Elsa Sugar, along with other Airai State representatives, and respected village chiefs of Airai, gave a cultural tour of the Airai Bai and spoke about other monumental events and sites such as, Kambes, Okeuid el Bad, and Chades er a Mechorei. During the tour, a women’s traditional dance performance was demonstrated as well.

Within one day, they experienced traditional culinary display and preparation, Palauan food, traditional dance performances, Palauan arts and crafts, that PVA is working with the State to turn into a complete package tour. This cultural tour experience is a primary example to which reflects PVA’s long-term goal and efforts to expand tourism beyond water activities. (PR)